Evacuate prods & events & Fuzz ink. Records present the legendary sludge trio Korsikov | FRIDAY 14th Of October | An Club

Born, bred, drunk and stoned in Athens, Greece, ain’t no rookies in the deep underground sludge rock scene, still kicking ass more than ten years being a band.
Their first EP is out in digital and CD formats and is available through the band’s bandcamp and soon through various online distros and records shops.

Alongside them, HALF Gramme of SOMA, a rock band formed in early 2011, in Athens, Greece, blending heavy rock sound with a wide range of influences. After a full Lp, a 5-track EP and recent member changes, they are currently preparing for their new album.

Also the newly formed and promising Dull will shake the place before the storm.


Venue: AN club ‘official’
Entrance: 6 euros
Doors: 20:00

Poster Art by: Markos Zour (https://www.behance.net/markoszouridakis) & Greg Papagrigoriou (https://www.behance.net/gregpapagrigoriou)

Layout by: Fuzz ink.

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