FILLING THE GAP INTERVIEWS | Nana Simopoulos fills Mind the Art’s Gaps!


Mind the Art writes, Nana Simopoulos completes…!


One “good morning”… begins with a deep breath and the realization that my life begins again this day for the first time.

When I wake up… I want to actually be awake, be aware of myself, be conscious.  Then I will be free to believe in the day ahead and what I am here for.

I want… my words to have meaning.  My thoughts to be still.  Each moment to be a step closer than the next.

Time… Is a fool.  I wish time would be more, give more, wait less, reverse itself, free my mind of the conditioning of the past.  Let me live for the present and forget the loneliness of predicting the future.

These days… I remember. I visit my story. I listen to the silence. I reinvent myself.  I remember again.

I try… things that are new, and I try things that I know from before.  I try on new hats and new songs.  Where will it all lead me?  Hopefully to a place of meaning.

When I was little… I took a shovel and dug a hole the size of a grave on the side of my parent’s house.  My uncle thought it was interesting.  My parents said nothing.  They just let it pass and it did.  I still don’t understand what I could have been trying to say or do.

Tomorrow… I will go shopping for lights and fabric.  I will sign papers in preparation of my family’s future.

In life… there is grief and loss, there is change.  There is anger and sadness, fear and anticipation.  I am challenged by my love of life despite all of this.

I can’t wait… to feel the cool water when I go for a swim this time of year.  I want to be in the water all the time these days.  As if I am being baptized and beginning a new life’s ritual.

Looking back… takes me far away from the road that I have chosen which is the road less traveled.

Pain… is inevitable.  There is no need to be afraid.

When I sleep…  I hope I can dream, sometimes my dreams disappear when I wake up.  Sometimes I feel the sensation of these as I wake.

The audience… is like sitting across from a friend I have not seen in a very long time.  I invite them to sing with me whenever the situation allows.

Music… what would we do without it?  It is the food of life.  It sees what we cannot see.  It reveals everything.



 I am a composer, vocalist and instrumentalist.  My instruments are guitar, sitar, didgeridoo, African kora and bouzouki.  I was born in Baltimore to Greek parents.  My father just passed away a few weeks ago.

I love to sing with people in circles and create vocal situations whenever and wherever possible.  I have lead vocal circles in Europe, the USA and Africa.  My music sometimes is played when I am not there, in dance companies, films and theatrical pieces.  I have musicians I perform with in New York City, Western Massachusetts, Greece, South Africa and Ghana.  I am working on playing with more musicians from different places all the time. 

I just released my 6th album this past summer and I have a website



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